air fryer oven with heating element air fryers 8 litter rotation 360


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Product Description
Multifunctional Non Stick Healthy Smart 5.5L Air Fryers

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Color Black
Power Supply 220-240V 1500W
Temperature Control 80-200℃
Timer Timer Up To 30 min
3.5L Non-Stick Coating Food Basket With LFGB
4.2L Non-Stick Coating Pan With LFGB
Gift Box Size 32*32*35.7cm


Detailed principle of air fryer:
The first step: quickly heat the air through the top quality spiral stainless steel electric heating tube.
Step 2: Use a high-power fan to rapidly circulate heat inside the food basket.
The third step: the special texture at the bottom of the food basket forms a vortex heat flow, which touches the surface of the ingredients 360 degrees in an all-round way, and quickly takes away the water vapor generated during heating, thereby forming a golden crisp surface on the surface to achieve a frying appearance and fresh taste!

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